This post is the next part of Introduction to Go Programming Language — Part 1. At this post, we will see in more detail about advantages of Go.

The Advantages

One of Go’s great advantage over other programming languages is that its high support on concurrency. Go’s concurrency style is based on CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes), described by Tony Hoare in 1978. CSP itself is a formal language that describe patterns of interaction in concurrent system. Hence, Go uses channels as way to do communication. Then I ask myself “why did they use CSP as the way to make concurrent system?”. …

Update: There are some updates at Background section in this post. I also have released the 2nd part of this post at Introduction to Go Programming Language — Part 2. Check it out for more information about advantages of Go.

Hey there, welcome back to my post. At this chance I will share my basic knowledge about Go Programming Language. This post will not share technical side of Go like how to code, but it will explain Go from its surface instead to get the insight of Go.

This post is aimed for beginner who never but want to know…

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Origin of Problem

Computer software were written conventionally for serial computing (see here). This meant that to solve a problem, an algorithm divides the problem into smaller instructions to be executed sequentially. But technology is growing rapidly, including computing environment. Many improvements have done which resulting faster processing speed a computer system can provide, bigger capacity a storage has, and bigger problem scale to be solved.

The hardware development trend shows that nowadays hardware is scaled horizontally (by increasing the amount of machine) rather than scaled vertically (by adding more power to machine). It was resulting the invention of multicore processor, multiprocessor, and…

Hello, my name is Alfian Wijayakusuma, part of PPTI scholarship program in 4th batch. I am a tech and IT security enthusiast. At this chance I will share you about scholarship that I am struggling in, named PPA/PPTI.

Knowing that the needs of potential human capital was the matter that many companies struggling with, BCA (Bank Central Asia) as one of biggest and leading banking industry company in Indonesia launched a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program called PPA (Program Pendidikan Akuntansi) in 1996. The PPA itself is program that educate accounting field of study to students. The presence of PPA…

Tech and IT Security enthusiast

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